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Repository Cleanup

XSD for site.xml

Installing m1/ant artifacts into your m2 repository

Readying m1 build files for m2

In which Brett advises to add <properties><scope>xxx</scope></properties> to dependencies in m1 build files

Notes on pom layout

    <name>Apache Shale Framework</name>
        <module>core-library</module>             <!-- module == directory name -->

Local Repository

By default, Maven wants to place downloaded dependencies under your home directory. On Windows, that's C:\Documents and Settings\username.DOMAIN. (You will often see your home directory referred to as just '~' in documentation.) In some corporate environments, placing large numbers of files in this location can be problematic. For example, with roaming profiles enabled, *everything* in that directory will be synchronized with the server when you log out.

To move your local repository to a different directory, place a 'settings.xml' file in the '.m2' directory (yes, the '.' is important) under your home directory. (Good luck creating the '.m2' directory if it doesn't already exist-- you'll have to do it at a command prompt as the Windows Explorer insists that you type a filename.)





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