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In ScmReport?, this "worked"

@parameter expression="${project.scm.developerConnection}"

and either picked up <plugin><configuration><developerConnection> or else <project><scm><developerConnection>.

According to jvanzyl, I should use this instead:

@parameter expression="developerConnection" default-value="${project.scm.developerConnection}"

What makes it possible to set a param with -DparamName?=... on the command line vs. only in <plugin><configuration> ?

Another rendition.

ScmReport?.java has * @parameter expression="${mpir.developerConnection}" default-value="${project.scm.developerConnection}"

pom.xml has <plugin><configuration><developerConnection>

command line needs -Dmpir.developerConnection

jvanzyl: configuration is looked at first and then command line properties

That means you can't override plugin config on the command line (confirmed by experiment...)

Working it out on irc...

  <wsmoak> I expected there to be a connection between expression="something" and <plugin><configuration><something>
  <wsmoak> rather, between expression="${something}  and <plugin><configuration><something> 
  <wsmoak> instead, I see one link between expression="${something}" and -Dsomething=xyz
  <wsmoak> and an entirely different link between <plugin><configuration><something> and the variable name in private String something;

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