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ezmlm manual: http://www.ezmlm.org/ezman/ezman1.html

Sometimes you want to be subscribed to a list with one address, but also have the ability to post from another address.

You can add yourself to the "allow"ed list by sending a message to:


If you need to allow an email address from which you can't send mail at the moment (or someone else's address,) use:


GMail and ezmlm (which runs all of Apache's mailing lists) don't seem to play well together. When you change the 'From' address in GMail, ezmlm still "sees" you as posting from @gmail.com. (From vs Reply-To header, I think.) If you're subscribed to the list with your @apache.org email address, for example, you'll need to allow-subscribe your @gmail.com address so you can post.

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